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Writing by the Water
Notebook and Pen
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Ruby Saizan didn't start writing until her 30's, because she thought she wasn't creative and had nothing to say. Luckily, she realized everyone has something to say.

She lives in Austin, TX, with her family, two cats and a dog. When she's not writing queer romance or spending time with family, she's playing roller derby, sewing, cooking, or watching television.

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Magic, prestige, all of it—he’d give it up in a second for Alex.

Sebastian hasn't returned home to Strathmore in ten years. He left with a broken heart, to marry a woman he didn't love and learn how to use the magic surging in his veins. Now a widow, he must return for his father's funeral - to settle his affairs, and see the man who still has a place in his heart. Will the Tree of Dragon Tears reunite him with the man he once thought he'd spend his life with?


Alex has spent the last decade trying to forget about Sebastian - his best friend who left Strathmore to follow his destiny to a better life. Something Alex could never offer him. He's worked hard to build a future for himself, and every week, he visits the Tree of Dragon Tears. The one place that was only for him and Sebastian. When Sebastian comes back for his father's funeral, all the feelings Alex thought were in the past come rushing back.


The debut novella from Ruby Saizan, The Tree of Dragon tears is a steamy adult romance novel set in another world - one full of magic, adventure, and lots of love. Will Alex and Sebastian find their way back to each other? Find out in The Tree of Dragon Tears.

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